Custom Night Lights

Custom Night Lights

Do you have those favorite family, sports or other special pictures that you just love to share and show off? A custom photo night light is the perfect way to display those pictures in a truly unique way.

The process for ordering your custom night light is simple. All you do is select the items you wish to purchase, enter your personal/shipping information and send us a copy of your picture. It can be in digital format which can be uploaded during the order process, emailed after your order is placed or if in print or slide format, simply mailed to us. Of course, all on-line orders are placed in our secure environment so that your personal information is fully protected.


  • Select the custom product that you wish to purchase.
  • Upload your image.
  • Add any text you wish to have included on the image.
  • Confirm and submit your order.

Once we receive your picture (300dpi preferred), we’ll resize it, and crop if necessary or where requested, to fit perfectly into either our landscape or portrait oriented night lights. We’ll reprint your picture on our special display paper and insert it into the light and then ship it to you for FREE. Not computer savvy? No problem, you can order your custom light by calling us at (630) 260-9992 or contact us using our form.

We understand that as children continue to grow, or as special or exciting events take place, that you may want to change the image in your light. We give you the option to update your photo in a previously purchased custom night light so there’s no need to purchase a new night light, simply update the one you already own!