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Thank you for visiting Night Light Designs. We are the home of the original switchable insert, photo night light. We promise you superior customer service, and back that up by being members of the Better Business Bureau. We promise to provide you with a quality product along with superior photo reproduction for the best overall photographic result.

We have several exciting night light options for you!

  • Predesigned Night Lights. These lights have switchable photo inserts so that you can update your night light to reflect any season or holiday.
  • Custom Night Lights. The same night light as our Predesigned lights, except we use your image to create a truly unique and meaningful light.
  • Glowtastic!® U-Draw Night Light Art Kits. You can design your very own night light from pictures you draw or color! We supply the night light and special film, you supply the talent!

As always, if at any time you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your visit with us at Night Light Designs!

From the Desk

We've got some great new images that we're sure you'll love!  Check them out in the New Releases section of our Predesigned Night Lights. 


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Let's throw out a coupon code for you.  Use code k7GF3RCI at checkout and receive 10% off your entire online order.  This offer is good from now through January 28th.  A $15 minimum order applies.

Shipping Deadlines
The most wonderful time of the year is here!  This means that the Post Office will be busy delivering cards and packages nationally and internationally. Here is a reminder of the mailing and shipping deadlines for key domestic services:

First-Class Mail - Dec. 19
Priority Mail - Dec. 20

See our newest images!
We've been adding a good number of new and exciting images to our site. To view them, simply go to Predesigned Night Lights (under Lights and More) and select the category New Releases.  Check in often and new images are added on a regular basis.

Check out our 2017 schedule!
We've got most of our 2017 schedule completed and on line.  We've got a couple small gaps to fill, but most of our shows are now listed.  We hope to see you this summer and during the upcoming (yes, it's coming) holiday season. 

Last Days for NLDART Coupon. Save BIG!
As you probably already know, we've rolled out our new NLDART.COM site.  The site is home to our canvas prints, photo prints and our new and exciting window sun prints.  Through the end of this month, we're offering 20% off the entire site!  Simply use code 517NA2 at checkout...and shipping is FREE.  Time is almost out for this amazing discount, so order now!

New Releases
We are constantly updating our catalog with new and exciting images.  Don't forget to regularly check out all our newest images.  When searching the Predesigned lights, select New Releases from the drop down.  We are also always looking for suggestions on images that you may like to see in our lights.  If you have something in mind, please contact us. 

Thinking Christmas Gifts?
Looking for a fun and unique gift for this coming holiday season?  We now offer Gift Cards that allow you to have your family and friends choose their own images.  Why have the pressure of trying to choose the "perfect" picture, when you can let them make that decision themselves?  To find our Gift Cards, simply select GIFT CARDS under the LIGHTS AND MORE category.  Please note that you will not receive an actual gift card, but a gift card code will be emailed to you that can be used anywhere on our website.

Want to know what images are trending?
We've added an exciting new feature to our website.  You can now view the trending night light images right from our Home page.  Scroll down just past the news and events sections and you'll see the top five trending images.  Like them?  Great.  You can add any of them to your card right from there.  No need to search the website.  We hope you enjoy this new feature! 

Welcome to our NEW site!

We are extremely excited that we're now able present to you our new and much improved Night Light Designs website!  We've put a lot of work into this and we hope that our new layout makes your shopping experience with us better than ever. 

Keep your eye on the new FROM THE DESK section will be your access to the most current and up to date information.  We will do our best to keep you fully informed as to anything that is happening here at Night Light Designs. 

So what's new?  Many things!  Here are a few.  You will now be able to log into our site and into your own account.  From your account, you'll be able to view the up to date status of your current orders as well as view your past orders.  Also, when viewing the night light images, you'll now have a larger expanded view of image than you've had in the past.  There's more.  There is also now the option of placing your favorite images in your own Wish List.  That way, the next time you return to the site, they'll still be there.  We've also streamlined our custom night light process.  It will now be much easier to upload your images.  ...and still more....  You can now purchase Gift Certificates directly through our website and you'll be able to subscribe to our newsletter from here as well.  That's it?  Nope.  We now also have numerous videos available that will assist you in things from switching inserts to night light safety. 

As you can see, we've put a lot of work into this site.  We hope that these changes will enhance your experience here on Night Light Designs.

We hope you enjoy our new site!

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Want to stay on top of the latest at Night Light Designs?  Subscribing to our newsletter is the simplest and easiest way to do that.  Our newsletters will discuss new images, upcoming shows, special discounts, customer feedback and much, much more.  We won't fill your inbox with emails either.  Unless something special comes up, we'll try to limit our messages to no more than one per month.  You can easily unsubscribe at any time.  So check us out.  Simply hit the "Subscribe!" button located on the lower right side of the Home page. 

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Facebook is a great way for you to follow us in even better ways. Why follow us? Well from time to time, we offer "Facebook Only" sales and discounts. This gives you an even greater opportunity to save money when purchasing lights or extra replacement inserts. It's also a great way to give us suggestions on light images that you would like to see. Plus, if you ever have any questions, we're only a click away.

We have also started listing on Instagram. This is a place that we post many of our new and trending images. It's a great place to stay current on our growing image library.

Hope to see you there!

Looking for replacement bulbs?

We've had several of you asking about replacement bulbs. If you're looking for a bulb comparable to what is currently in the light, it should be very easy to find. The bulbs in the store will actually have the words "Night Light" on the package. The night lights normally come in 4 watts and 7 watts although we normally recommend the 4w bulb. The bulbs are also known as C7 bulbs. That will also likely be marked on the package of the replacement bulbs you purchase.

Please also remember NOT TO EXCEED 7 WATTS in your night light. Also, do not use Christmas tree light bulbs that they were not intended for this purpose. Replacement incandescent light bulbs are also available here on our website.

Finally, if you're interested in an LED bulb, ones that are bright enough can be difficult to find in stores but are available here on our site.

As always, if you have any questions, just contact us at your convenience.

Upcoming Events
Trending Now
Worship in the Country
Nicky Boehme
$17.95 w/4W Bulb
$21.45 w/LED Bulb
$3.99 Insert Only
Texas Sunset
Bob Mueller
$17.95 w/4W Bulb
$21.45 w/LED Bulb
$3.99 Insert Only
Picturesque Covered Bridge
Nicky Boehme
$17.95 w/4W Bulb
$21.45 w/LED Bulb
$3.99 Insert Only
Nativity Collage
MacNeil Studio
$17.95 w/4W Bulb
$21.45 w/LED Bulb
$3.99 Insert Only
All Ready for Easter
Thomas Wood
$17.95 w/4W Bulb
$21.45 w/LED Bulb
$3.99 Insert Only