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Glowtastic! U-Draw Light Kits

Are you looking for a new and exciting activity for your child’s next birthday party? Our Glowtastic!® U-Draw Light Kits are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our kits allows kids of all ages to design their own works of art that can then be displayed in a fun-to-see light. Simply design and/or color your picture with any markers and place it into the night light. You’ll be amazed at how the picture colors will jump out at you! If your children are anything like ours, then you know how they love to show off their artwork. Watch their eyes light up as their pictures come to life with a flip of the switch!

Each kit comes with your choice of any 5 inserts, either pre-drawn (similar to coloring pages) or blank if you prefer to design your own. YOU decide what inserts come with your kit! We have many designs to choose from and are constantly updating our selections. You can also order replacement insert pages for your GLOWTASTIC!® U-Draw Light Kit at any time.

To the left are just a few examples of the drawing inserts that you can choose from when purchasing a Glowtastic!® U-Draw Light Kit or replacement paper 5-pack.

  • Landscape night light
  • 5 sheets of special display paper
  • Replacement light bulb
  • Optionally we even offer coloring markers

Important note to parents: It’s important to remember that night lights are not toys and should not be treated as such. Children will love seeing their artwork in lights, but all handling of the light should be done with strict adult supervision.